Finding Right and Wrong

Ink on toned watercolor paper – Words: Sir Winston Churchill

Life is about choices. And not all of those choices come to us in ease or clarity. All too often they bring turmoil, angst, deep thinking and ponderous hours trying to figure out which way to decide. One choice can change everything, In that one moment our world and the world of those around us will never be the same. That is a lot of responsibility for us simple mortals.

How do you make decisions? Do you ferret out all the facts, line them up, weigh the outcomes and choose the most logical option? The one that will take you on the shortest journey between two points? Or do you make a list of the pros and cons, write down each detail and then review the lists until the decisions becomes obvious? Or maybe, you like things a bit more open ended and wait until the very last minute to choose thus being forced into one direction by the circumstances at hand. Then there are those of us who do not choose. We leave things be and live with what falls out…this is a choice, you get that right? No choosing is choosing.

Life is about choices and somewhere along our path we develop our own method, system and comfort level with how we make choices. We are in life where we have chosen to be. Don’t like where you are in life, make different choices. Which may require a different method of choosing. Sometimes reaching out to someone else – a neutral party or trusted resource – helps us talk things through or think differently. As we are in life where we have chosen to be, and we want things to change, doesn’t it make sense that we thus need to change how we make choices? Things that make ya’ go hhhmmm!

Being able to ‘see’ how we decide things is not always easy. And maybe we do need a new perspective to choose differently this time. When that happens to me I ask someone I know who thinks VERY differently than me. I tell them my issue, let them ponder, then listen to what they say WITHOUT judging if they are right or wrong. I asked them for their thoughts, so I shut up, even in my head. To get to a new place we have to dare to do new things, which means thinking and deciding differently. This person may shed light on things in a way I had never considered…duh! That’s why I asked for help!

Right and wrong are tough choices, especially when it is mostly grey. Doing the right thing is not always the easy thing. Doing the wrong thing does not always lead to the wrong path, maybe a different path than we expected. If you are facing life choices, know that just because it is tough does not mean you are not capable. Choices are hard. Need help, then ask for it. Better to get help and move forward in confidence than to regret a poor choice because of being too proud to talk to someone else.

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