Why Overcomplicate Jello?

Ink on sketch paper – Words: Leonardo da Vinci

It is week three in our year long calligraphy challenge and the prompt was pointed pen & simplicity. Pointed pen is a very fine tipped tool usually utilized for ornate, sophisticated lettering like envelopes or wedding invitations. I did not have that tool available, so instead of over complicating things and waiting to find one, I went with a simple ink pen. I think the best part is the little red dot, just one, one simple dot.

Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things. We think an impressive slide presentation or a long worded email is what is needed. When in reality simplicity in our message makes it clean, clear and easy to remember…and absorb. Why overcomplicate jello? Give into and embrace the simple things and how powerful they can be when we want to communicate. Think of the words people have said to you that hit home, and still resonate because of their simplicity…

I love you.

You’re hired!

Thank you.

I apologize.

I don’t know.

I need help.

Hooray for you!

I believe in you!

You’re beautiful!


At one point or another in our lives we may have heard these words and they changed everything. We didn’t need paragraphs, fanfare, fireworks or even a billboard. We heard these simple phrases and they made a difference in our life.

Whatever message you have to deliver today, make it simple. Clear conscience, memorable. What you want to communicate in important, so let simplicity be your guide.

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