Try, Fail and Try Again!

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Henry Ford

Everyone fails. Let me say that again, E v e r y o n e F a i l s ! So what do we do when it happens? Most of the time we self soothe by doing things like eating, drinking, running away, wallowing in self pity, or even crying our eyes out. Not everything we do to deal with our own failure is healthy, okay, we all get that. Let’s hope whatever it is we do ends quickly so we can pick ourselves up and get moving again.

Failure provides wisdom, experience, and builds our own self awareness. No one got anywhere in life without failing. Did I mention that everyone fails? They do, everyone fails at one point or another in life. Our strongest lessons usually come out of failure. They become the benchmarks we use in the future to make sure ‘that’ never happens again. Whew! Failure can be tough yet liberating as we know ‘that’ will not invade our world again.

I love these words from Henry Ford…this time more intelligently. We learn what not to do and have the power to move forward in wisdom. Hooray! Chalk up that mistake to a lesson learned, then move on. Wallow or whatever, then wipe your face or emotional self and get back up. Move forward in a better, smarter, more intelligent way so that ‘that’ becomes a funny story from your distant past.

Whew! Failure sucks, yet it is a necessary part of success. If you have not failed recently then you are not doing much. Steady life is good, mistakes and failures are better. Bring it on, try new things, experiment, see the bad and ugly mistakes then move forward in such a way that those things do not happen again. Ask a successful person their greatest failure and there is for sure a great story to hear and learn from. Some our best learnings can be the ones we gather from other people’s mistakes.

So get out there, get those failures under your belt and chalk up the lessons learned. Your life and dreams are worth trying, failing and trying again.

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