Craftsman or Critic?

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Zeuxis

We all know those people who find something to criticize or tear down in everything in life. They tell us all about the wrong parts, often forgetting to mention any of the positive elements. They know best, did it best, or tell the same stories about their amazing triumphs over and over again. Being around them is a harrowing experience and often leaves us exhausted and feeling flat.

It is so much easier to criticize than it is to create something with craftsmanship. Building, studying, trying, failing, learning and trying again can be a daunting process. Craftsmanship takes courage and consistency that make us better than we were before. It also means time spent working and not doing other things. Being good at what you do requires focus and commitment.

What do you want to be a craftsman about? In what do you want to be an expert? Making that choice, knowing where you want to invest your efforts provides a compass, a path, a future you can look forward to building. We also must choose how we want to interact with others. How we want to build them up instead of knocking them down.

So are you a craftsman or a critic? Choose wisely.

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