It Changes You for the Better

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Sam Shoemaker

Prayer, the time when we bring our thoughts, worries and gratitude before God. It is the time when we humble ourselves and think, ask, reflect on what we truly want to say to our Creator. I love this quote as it reminds us that prayer is not because we need to tell God what is going on in our world, He already knows. We pray so that we can get better, stronger, slow down and change in order to handle the world being set before us each day. Prayer is not to change God. Prayer is the subtle gift of faith that changes us for the better. Prayer changes us without us even being aware that it is happening.

If you are long winded, try praying. If you do not like to talk in front of people, try praying. If you have something on your mind and need someone to listen, try praying. If you do not know what to do next, try praying. When you know exactly what to do and are excited about it, try praying. When you need to clear your head, give thanks, cry, sob, get angry or simply just need to get the words out of your head…try praying. It changes you for the better.

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