Being and Doing…

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: William Hazlitt

Life is a continual struggle – not the most uplifting way to start a quote. And yet these words from William Hazlitt take us further into ourselves and encourage personal growth. To be what we are not, to do what we cannot. And he is right, it is the overall challenge of life, of growing up, of being an adult, and enduring the aging process. Life is not a constant state that never changes. Life is all about personal growth. It is about learning new things and becoming a better version of ourselves.

As we close out another year in our lives, what is the thing you want to be? More kind, more patient, more thoughtful, more valuable in your role at work? More available for family and friends, more self confident? Maybe just more present in your own life and the lives of those you care about. And what do you want to learn to do that today you cannot? Think differently, serve people more, challenge yourself to learn an entirely new skill, or maybe even broaden your sphere of influence by looking into another way to work, serve or meet new people. We all have aspects of our lives where we have become comfortable in things, which isn’t all bad until it begins to define us which eventually limits our possibilities.

Think about the person you are and who you want to become. What are your best traits that you want to employ more, and your worst traits that you want to soften up? What have you always wanted to learn, which means making the time to attend, listen to or find resources that provide the information about that thing. Being and doing take time, effort and intentional decision making. Those who do amazing things have done so because they decided to do and be more than they are today. You can do that too, it is deciding to act and be more than you are today that makes life an adventure wroth living each and every day.

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