Where You Are Today

Ink on gel printed paper – Words: Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr

So what direction are you heading? What thoughts and ideas fill your head with hopes and dreams of a better future? I hope your ideas and dreams are many, because it is indeed where we are going and NOT where we stand today that determines our future.

Not everyone gets that, or wants you to get it. People who have settled, settled in or feel that their lives are fine do not want you to change anything in your life. They want you to stay just the same as them. As long as you are their equal things are good, the minute you work hard and gain some speed or momentum they change their point of view. It’s the old crabs in a bucket story. No need to put a lid on crabs in a bucket because if one tries to get out the others still in the bucket will pull it back down.

I hope your ideas and dreams are many, I really do…because that means you can get out of the bucket. Be sure to surround yourself with people who like you have hopes and dreams for where they are heading. Those are the people who will help you, cheer you on, tell you the truth and willingly support you as you make your way to the top of that bucket then over the edge. For it is where we are heading that matters most, not where we have been. When we put in the energy, work and keep going, that is when nothing is impossible.

Yes know where you stand, and stand strong. Then keep heading forward for your dreams. Work hard, keep going and before you know it where you are heading will actually be where you are today.

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