Aspirations…Such a Great Word

Ink on pastel paper – Words: Louisa May Alcott

Aspirations, what a great word! Such a wonderful way to think about possibilities and options in our future. Thoughts about things we want to learn, how we want to expand our current life, even books we want to read or read again. Aspirations, the things we hope for and look forward to doing in future days.

Aspirations is another way to plan the things we want to accomplish – learn to play the violin, finish our degree, learn a foreign language and maybe even learn to paint. It is a positive way to keep us looking forward without the pressure of setting a timeline. The challenge then becomes how to nail down which ‘thing’ we want to do first, next, or again. So many options, so many wonderful possibilities and isn’t that a nice problem to have? So many things to do and our problem becomes how much time, energy and money to spend doing those things.

Until that is no longer our problem. Our problem becomes being overwhelmed by too many things to do, to the point where we become isolated, frustrated and frantic. “Must be doing something”, “must learn something new”. Sometimes the best thing an aspiration is that it is a far away thought that helps us dream about our future without any commitments. Most of us live our lives based on commitments. We have things we have to do every single day. Things that keep our lives going, the people around us happy and help us remain who we are. Those commitments keep our life moving forward and keep us busy. Aspirations bring us hope that we can eventually do that ‘thing’, go o the place, or even see that event. Somehow it sounds less daunting as an aspiration rather than calling it a goal. Both are about the future, aspirations seems less demanding.

So today, think about your aspirations. What might you maybe someday want to do, see, or learn? What elusive idea keeps your hopes alive when the day to day of your world wears you down? Aspirations…such a great word!

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