Something to Come Out of Nothing

Ink on gel printed paper – Words: Cesare Pavese

It may seem strange to talk about beginning as we approach the end of a calendar year; however, this is actually the prefect time to begin. To change our lives, change our outcomes, or even simply change our mind we have to begin. As these words remind us, we have to begin in order to experience joy. Why not begin as things are winding down?

As we get ready tp publish the first issue of my new magazine – I am reminded what a brilliant member of my team keeps telling me, it’s okay to be new. New does not mean we have all the answers, or even know all the questions. New means we do what we can, do it fabulously, and learn along the journey. We keep adding, keep learning, and keep advancing as we advance our thoughts and skills. The printer we will utilize told us basically the same thing, start small and grow organically.

It is a great message as we traverse through another holiday season, ending the year one way while thinking about how to start a new one. To find our joy we have to simply get started. We must begin. Maybe that is making a list, maybe that is thinking about what we want, or it could be simply taking the first step on an idea we have had for years and done nothing with it. Life is full of possibilities, some of which are simply waiting for us to make our move to get things rolling.

I get it, you don’t know how things will turn out. You don’t know which way to turn. You do not know if it will be a success. And for sure you do not know at all what you are doing….EXACTLY! Those are the moments when all you have to do is begin. If we wait for everything to be known, perfect and determined we will never start anything. So during these last few weeks of the year, begin. That’s all it takes for something to come out of nothing.

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