Inktober Day 28: The Only Constant is Change

Ink on Marker Paper – Lyrics: Carole King

In 1971 Carole King broke away from writing songs for other people and produced her first solo album Tapestry. This song was the first single released from that album and it hit number one. Carole King’s days of being behind the scenes were over. I find it a great testament to her courage when these words are what broke her free from a life behind the scenes and listening to other people sing her songs.

The lyrics talk about it being too late, though we really did try to make it. It is the recognition that a relationship has run it’s course, and no matter how hard we tried it is time to call it quits. And those are hard emotions and realizations to admit indeed, let alone put into lyrics. It is also a very adult way to handle things. It proves a willingness to grow even if that means growing beyond the current things in life. I think we all have those moments, which do not all end in relationships ending, it means we know there is more out there for us and we have to leave behind what we know to grow towards what we don’t know. It takes courage, wisdom, strength and a willingness to change.

As we grow and change our relationships need to grow and change. Sometimes they are able to keep up and other times they need to end. It may mean leaving a job, changing companies, moving from the place where you live, or leaving behind a cherished relationships that you have outgrown. Lopsided parts of life eventually become a burden that could become too much to bear, which means change or wear yourself out trying to keep it going. Brilliance happens when the people in our lives also see the need to change and support us, change with us, and grow themselves as we become a better version of ourselves. This is new territory and yet an exciting chapter in this thing called life.

There are things in life that are so easy, and other things in life that require a new beginning. Either way it is our job to be aware, open and be willing to grow beyond in order to reach an exciting future. The only real constant in life is change…I mean totally!

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