Inktober Day 27: Life Gets Mighty Precious

Ink on Sketch Paper – Lyrics: Bonnie Raitt

In her first breakout album Bonnie Raitt shares these lyrics from her first number one tune Nick of Time. As a saucy redhead she made no excuses or exceptions, and has been telling it like it is since 1971. She is indeed correct when she tells us that life gets mighty precious when there’s less of it to waste.

As someone who has had a recent loss, these words ring rather true and to the point. Life is short, shorter than we think. The plans we make for three, five even ten years from today are important only if we realize that they are goals not absolutes. Planning in life is about keeping perspective. It is about knowing HOW to spend our time not just about how to get ahead, or the next thing or to the next fun event. There is more to being alive than just having fun.

Being alive means knowing ourselves, being genuine with the people around us, giving of ourselves and our resources, and becoming more than we thought possible. Life is not about what we are able to obtain, gain or earn. Life is about what we give away, how we improve the lives of those around us, and will we leave this place better than we found it.

Take time to reflect on what in your life is precious to you. What do you cherish, protect, enjoy and want to keep building? And who needs to know how important they are to you before life comes to a screeching halt without warning? All very good questions and things to think about, so instead of sitting here reading more online…go do something about it.

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