Inktober Day 26: Call Them

Ink on Mystery Paper – Lyrics: Deborah Harry

It was the number one song for the 1980s, catchy, a movie theme and every one could sing along. Deborah Harry mad an iconic splash onto the music scene in her first try. The lyrics talk of love, about being wanted and wanting to hear from someone. Call Me changed how we think about relationships, and not always for the better.

We used to ask people to call us, now they text us. Somehow we have lost the desire to hear people’s voices, an emoji has taken place of the emotion we all crave. There are signs of this change impacting our relationships long term. There is a disconnectedness that pervades us, a loss of intimacy even if it is only being able to hear what people are saying not just read it all the time. Hearing requires that someone is listening, and maybe that is the skill we have lost. Maybe we have lost the desire to listen or to be heard, we would rather hide behind our phones…hhhmmm,

Hiding is easy, being present and truly wanting to know requires caring and an emotional attachment. Texting is easier, simpler, less messy. Relationships with people are messy, they require us to stop what we are doing and pay attention. Texting allows us to multitask and present the appearance of caring without the work. People are work. Relationships are work. Caring and loving people means work, and work that is worth every moment invested. We jsut have to be willing to put in the time, even if we do not feel our investment is reciprocated.

Call someone you care about, don’t just text them. Pick up the phone, set a date,and see them, Spend time with them. Build a relationship that stands the test of time not just one that distracts. If we want true, real relationships we have to be willing to behave that way first. Go ahead, pick up the phone and call them…I’m sure they will be glad to hear your voice.

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