Inktober Day 25: Or Live and Die This Way

Ink on Sketch Paper – Lyrics: Tracy Chapman

She graduated from Tufts and recorded her first album, which featured this tune Fast Car. That was all it took, she was on her way for a promising career and reinventing what the female vocalist looks and sings like. More than thirty years later and eight studio albums, Tracy Chapman has never looked back. She is known as a socially conscious musician and political activist, which means she found her fast car!

We all have choices, options, moments in life when we can see that an opportunity is before us. It is at that moment when we have to make a choice – leave tonight or live and die this way. The question is are we ready to make the move to shift things into high gear? Or are we okay with staying in the life we currently live, the one we have curated for so many years? It is almost as if you can smell the chance to go, the options to stay, and totally understand the difference between those two options.

Making choices in life is never easy, no matter how wonderful the options.

Because it is not what happens to us that makes us who we are or what we will become. It is how we choose to react to our surroundings, the opportunities, the people, places and things that impact our lives. We are not victims of our circumstances unless who choose to be. We can hide behind everything that has crossed our path, left us wounded, marked us for a certain future…or we can choose differently. We can choose to rise above, take the bum hand we were dealt and make something special out of our tragedy. Sure that sounds pie in the sky, yet as someone who has had hard times I know it is true.

We are in life where we have chosen to be…so we had better choose wisely tomorrow and the next day, and the day after that. Each day we can smell those opportunities in our midst and we must choose to get in that car and drive forward or live and die this way.

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