Inktober Day 18: Get Right Back on Your Feet

Ink on Sketch Paper – Lyrics: Pat Benatar

We’ve all taken our punches and put downs in life, no matter who you are or how you grew up. We’ve all been knocked down and had to muster the courage to get back up, sometimes over and over and over again. In this song Pat Benatar throws it all back in the face of her oppressor. C’mon, you don’t fight fair, that’s okay see if I care. The chorus then keeps her fighting back – hit me with your best shot, c’mon just hit me with your best shot. She may not mean literally hit me, I hope. She means keep piling it on, keep telling me the horrible things you think about me, bring it on because I will keep getting up and keep going.

We all need to be able to hear our critics and the cynicism around us with the ability to keep going forward. There will Walsh be nay sayers, always be people who want to put us in our place. And there will always be opposition when our ideas bring change, growth, or shine a light on those who are just coasting. And guess what, not everyone will like you – go figure! If you want people to like you, if that is your ultimate goal, then do not strive to grow or be more than you are. Stay small, don’t try, and above all do not do anything that will draw you away from the norm. Just be content to be treated how ever people want to treat you, just take it.

Or you can do your very best, no matter what is happening around you, Shine a light, make changes, grow, learn and do better and watch the kind of people that a can do attitude attracts. Go Getters attract Go Getters. People who do eventually hang around people who do. So if you are hearing nay sayers, say hooray! It means you are growing and progressing and that is always accompanied by having people want to bring you down. So take their shots, take their best shots, and get right back on your feet again!

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