Inktober Day 17: You Are the Lucky One

Pen on Sketch Paper – Lyrics: Amy Grant

It’s important for us to remember all the ways we are lucky in this life. It may not be a day when you feel the need to remind yourself, and yet each day seems to go better when we think about all the blessings we possess. Let me help you out by starting a list of the things you can think about when counting your blessings or want to remind yourself of your good luck…

If you are reading this – which you are – you can read. You can use the internet. You have the knowledge and power to read and ponder new ideas and absorb them to make your life better. Knowledge is power and your skills give you the ability to find the information you want to make your life better.

You are awake, and alive…a day above ground is a good day. You can breath, eat, drink, sleep and wake up to the opportunities a new day provides. No matter how your day is going NEVER take for granted your health. It may not be perfect, yet you are alive and moving! Give thanks for the body you have and take care to give it what it needs today – food, exercise, and rest.

You have family and friends of various shapes and sizes. There are people in your life you love, you enjoy their company, learn from and them and they help you to become the best version of yourself. Never underestimate the power of the people in your lives.

If you are reading this – and again you are – you have electricity which means you have the power to do anything you want. Build something, read anything, find information, power your home, cook your food, keep your leftovers fresh, and even sleep well under a warm blanket. Give thanks for the utilities in your life that make it better.

When you are in doubt of your blessings or what you have that makes you lucky, in the end you are you. Vital, smart, creative, kind and important. You have days and years before you to make your life anything you want. All you have to do is get going, get moving, and love yourself enough to know that you truly are the lucky one.

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