Inktober Day 16: Even If it is Not Raining

Ink on Sketch Paper – Lyrics: Nanci Griffith

We all have times when tears flow. No matter the reason, we need to just let it flow. Tears are our way of letting our emotions out, dealing with what’s inside by presenting it all through water falling from our eyes. Nanci Griffith knew that and wrote these words. Everyone feels the need to cry and when you do, just let it go.

For myself, when I feel that way and the tears just do not seem to want to flow, I put on a sad movie to get the job rolling. Once the story line gets sad, once my tears start, it feels life a huge relief to let it all out. Funny how we see tears as a sad thing, when in reality it is a good thing to be able to cry. It is a shame when we hold it back. By not crying, by not expressing our true emotions they back up on us, build up, and explode all too often at the wrong times in the wrong ways.

Maybe today is the day you wish it would rain. If you need to cry, have the courage to just cry…sob, blubber, weep, moan, let it all out. Tears are a blessing and help us stay true to our real selves…so just cry even if it is not raining.

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