Inktober Day 15: The Anti-Love Song

Ink on sketch paper – Lyrics: Sara Bareilis

In the previous year she had her first hit with a theme song for a Disney movie. Her album rocketed on the charts, and her manager sat her down to talk about her next album. Sara Barellis was told she needed to write a love song, that they needed one to complete her album. The only problem, Sara didn’t like love songs. She didn’t like being told what to do, and she for sure did not like being told without a love song there would be a hole in her ability to compete. What to do?

She sat down and wrote an anti-love song. She poked fun at love songs, and being told what to do, and she basically said “I’m not gonna write you a love song, cause you told me to, cause you needed one...” And what happened? It was voted best pop female performance of the year and won a Grammy. Go figure! I suppose when talented people do things, no matter for what reason, their talent still shines through.

Sometimes we just need to express our angst for everyone to know it. We need to let it out, get the words and emotions off our chest, and we need to be ourselves no matter what everyone is demanding. Maybe today is that day for you? If so, let her rip! Let it out so you don’t explode, and be willing to see what happens. Life is about learning to be ourselves no matter what and today may be the day you need to do just that@!

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