Inktober Day 8: Believing!

Ink on sketch paper – Lyrics: Lisa Stansfield

The song is titled Change. It is about the transformation from talking about love, using it as a tool or weapon, then experiencing as it changes into real, genuine love. Lisa Stansfield won the People’s Choice Award in Britain in 1991 for this tune. I used two full pages for the text to exaggerate the importance of believing. If we dare to believe people when they tell us they love us, our fears can disappear. If we dare to believe…the entire text is below:

Believing is the answer, the answer to all our fears. When first I said I loved you I went in for the kill. Now when I say I love you, I mean I always will.

-Lisa Stansfiled

All too often we do not believe people when they say they love us. We let the voices in our heads, our past broken hearted experiences or the people who have hurt us muffle the power in these words. We think we are unworthy, or they must be kidding, or if they only knew the real me inside…and we discount these magical three words into dust. We are tormented, tortured and deny that we are worthy of being loved that much, which leaves us unable to give away the love that we feel for others. Oh why a mess our past can create, if we could only believe and embrace love that we are given.

Belief changes everything. It is a powerful choice that can move mountains, dissolve hurt, heal our soul and bring great things into our lives. All we have to do is believe and choose to believe each time those voices of darkness and doubt rear their ugly heads. Believe we are worth it, believe we are important, believe we are smart, kind, and add value to this planet. No matter what we do, we are here and THAT is enough for us to believe to keep us going forward.

Today I encourage you to believe in yourself, the people who love you and that choosing to believe can change everything…it can change anything. All you have to do is believe.

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