Inktober Day 7: Something Wild & Unruly

Ink on mystery paper – Lyrics: Martha Maguire (Sung by The Dixie Chicks)

Wild and Unruly are the words that stood out for me in these lyrics. Written by Martha Maguire and made famous by The Dixie Chicks, the song title is “Cowboy Take Me Away”, the verses tell of a woman who wants to get away from tall buildings, feel the dirt in her hands, sleep under the stars and grow something wild and unruly. Doesn’t that sound magnificent!?!

Letting go of all that we have planned, all we control, all that is expected of us allows us to feel free and unencumbered. These are the times when our dreams become bigger, more real, more exciting. These are the days when we stay in our pajamas past lunchtime, nap in the afternoon and feel more ourselves than at any other time of the week. We relax and remember the best we have by feeling wild and unruly. The freedom brings peace, slumber and clears our head from all the distractions. We remember who we are, what we think is important, and have time to ponder what we want to do.

When was the last time you were wild and unruly? When was the last time you took a breather and let the world keep spinning without you pushing it? And when was the last time you simply enjoyed your friends and family without having to apologize for things undone? We all need time to decompress, relax, think fun thoughts and enjoy just being ourselves. We ALL need time for ourselves and that is NOT selfish. If we never fill our cup by sitting down, still and being quiet then our cup runs dry. It is hard to pour out and give when your cup is dry.

Why not do something wild and unruly? For no other reason than to have fun, relax, let the world go on without you for a while. Let things go, stay in your pajamas and nap like a cat in the arm sun, on a soft blanket until you wake up and have to remember what day it is. Why not?

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