Inktober Day 9: Be Proud of Your Past

Ink on Mystery Paper – Lyrics: Loretta Lynn

We can only build a life from the experiences we have had, which is exactly what Loretta Lynn wrote about in her songs. She was a coal miner’s daughter, and grew up in Butcher Holler. Her family was very poor. Her language was rough and she worked hard to rhyme the words, yet she became one of the greatest country singer songwriters of all time. She inspired millions and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. All from a woman who could barely read or write, yet she learned to sing her brothers and sisters lullabies at night.

It is when we embrace who we are, the journey that got us to where we are now, AND use that foundation to build the life we want…THAT is success beyond measure. Shame, fear, embarrassment for things beyond our control are nothing but impediments to growing into a life where we thrive. It is when we acknowledge the struggle, the pain, the troubles and strife that we are free from it and can use it to become who we want to become.

It is important for us to be proud of who we are, no matter how unpopular, rough or simple our origins. We cannot change our past, we can only use it, learn from it and grow beyond it. Hiding it, feeling shame or regret for what our childhood was not will do nothing but become a chain we drag with us throughout our days. A chain that prevents us from reaching our full potential and using our unique gifts. If Loretta Leann can reach number one on the charts with a song about being poor and hauling water from a well, then anything is possible.

Let today be the day you stop feeling bad or sad about your childhood, family circumstances or situations and give thanks for all you learnEd along the way. Let all that drive you to be more than your childhood self could have ever imagined.

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