Inktober Day 6: SkyFall

Ink on mystery paper – Lyrics: Adele

She won a Grammy, a People’s Choice, an Oscar and topped the charts with this iconic cinematic theme song. In 2013 Adele was asked to write the theme to the latest James Bond movie Skyfall, and it has become one of the most played, downloaded and requested Bond Themes of all time. She wasn’t sure she could write a Bond Theme, yet she did it anyway.

Isn’t that what it’s all about, not thinking we can and doing it anyway. And not just doing it, doing it by giving it our all so that we are proud of the outcome no matter what anyone else thinks. Those voices in our heads have the power to squelch our ideas, kill our dreams and rob us of all hope or belief in ourselves. Action is the only way to conquer fear. Just do it, no matter the outcome. To succeed we need to get over what we think, believe those people who DO think we can, and then give it our all.

Some days this is easier to do than others. Some projects or ideas scare us to the point of immobility. That is when we have a choice. We can give up, give in to the fear, or we can get going and let one step lead us to the second, the third and before we know it we are moving forward and something is happening. Otherwise we always wonder what might have happened, what if? Those little words – what if – can haunt us forever.

Don’t let fear or self doubt or inaction prevent you from taking on your next big challenge. Sure it might be scary, and yes there will probably be bumps in the road. Isn’t action and failure better than regret and eternal self doubt? Let the sky fall, when it crumbles, we will stand tall…so get up and get going.

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