Inktober Day 5: You Choose

Ink on Paper – Lyrics: Sara Barielles

These Lyrics are from the Disney movie BRAVE. It is the animated story of a young girl who is a princess, different than what her family and the kingdom expect, who holds her tongue and who she is inside very quiet. These words are thread through out the movie in various forms and stanzas. What I have always loved about this song it how it so accurately explains that words can be a weapon or a drug. We have the power to choose how words impact us and what words we choose to share with the world.

The lyrics remind us that words have power, and when we use them well they help us gain the power we need over bullies, fear, anger, and even the expectations of others. Words can also help us better understand ourselves and what we really think and feel. Being able to put into words what we want, what we do not want, our hopes and dreams gives us the power to move forward.

So let these lyrics encourage you to speak the words you need to let out. Tell the truth, be yourself and express it with your choice of positive, helpful, mindful words. Holding the words inside does no one any good, and only builds anger and resentment inside. Let them out. And make sure they build up your listening audience and are not used to tear them down. Our words – the ones we say to ourselves and others – can be a weapon or a drug. A weapon that kills or a drug that makes things better, you choose!

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