Be Fun, Silly and Giggle!

Magazine letters and ink on Craft Paper Envelope

For week thirty-eight in our fifty week calligraphy challenge we were asked to address an envelope, with the suggestion of using a literary figure as the addressee. I thought about this one and had the idea of Jane Austen, or A.A. Milne, and pondered what I was reading right now. Of course it was a murder mystery…so Agatha Christie it is, the queen of mystery writers. FYI, her work is second after the Bible for most read content. Not bad for a late in life writer!

I challenged my inner detective or fanatical fan and cut the letters for her name out of magazine pages. I used eighteen different black pens to write the address, so no one particular ink could be traced. There would be no stamp, as this letter mysteriously arrived in the afternoon post. The envelope would not be sealed so there would be no trace of DNA, and the lettering by hand is all different so no handwriting expert could determine the author. I splattered it will ‘blood’ that would of course be untraceable. And the letter inside would only say ‘thank you’. Needless to say I had fun doing this one…too much fun maybe, and WAYYYYY too much CSI and mystery novel reading for me!

I was silly here, and it was good to giggle to myself. My mind raced with ideas and the group has had fantastic responses to my madness. Some days we just need a bit of a giggle, laugh or something out of the ordinary to help us process all that is on our mind. Those moments away from our reality help us calm down, forget our current events, and let us breathe normally. Fun and silly are not words we get to use often to describe our days. I encourage you to be fun, silly and giggle if only to let it all out.

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