All You Have to do is Say YES

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Irish Proverb

I have a friend who has a school mate of their daughter’s living with them for a while. The dysfunction at this teen’s house makes it importable for them to live there, and the alternative was being homeless. My friend experienced something similar during her teenage years, only she ended up living in a car for many months. Her experiences makes her understand the power of a safe place to sleep. When I read this proverb I thought of her sharing her home to provide shelter to this teen in need.

Never underestimate the power of a safe place to sleep. If you have not always had one, you get it. For those who have always known where they would sleep at night, it is hard to comprehend. This proverb reminds us that it is not only the place where we sleep, it is shelter – love, caring, comfort, safety, warmth – that helps us thrive. Doing this for each other without regard for the details is what helps the person in need, and helps the person doing it understand that not everyone has our life. Not everyone has stability or safety, or certainty as they go through their day. Being able to help provide that shelters both parties.

Caring, kindness and providing for our fellow man is not always about money. During these economic times, it can be hard enough to make ends meet let alone give money away. We can however give of what we have, a bedroom, a bathroom, security, comfort and friendship. Those of us who have are made better, wiser and more grateful when we share our abundance’s with others. All we have to do is say “Yes”. Which means not saying “Yes, But…” Giving means giving up making excuses or conditions on what happens to what we give. It means no strings attached, no quirky conditions, and providing boundaries for everyone to follow to be able to exist together in harmony.

There are people in need all around us. It is our obligation to mankind and the human condition to give from what we have. That does not mean we end up with less, quite the contrary. When we give we get more. So I encourage you to keep your world ready to serve those in need, because when the need arises all you have to do is say “YES”. Everything else will fall into place.

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