Do It Even If No One Else Knows

Ink on Mystery Paper – Words: Japanese Proverb

I’ve been commuting downtown this week to work for a client, and today there were three accidents along the way. Annoying, tiresome, and a great reminder why I always leave extra time for the unknown when commuting. Several construction projects have finished and many exits have changed, so lots of confusion, panic and bad driving abounded. I saw a vehicle on my left that had it’s blinker on, it was hauling a big trailer and no one wanted to let them change lanes. I slowed down and waved them in front of me. A tiny act of kindness in the midst of traffic snarl up. It made me feel better, a bit more human I suppose.

Tonight I read this proverb and it reminded me how one act of kindness can indeed make things better. No matter how tiny or inconsequential it may seem, an act of kindness reminds us that there is still good in the world. There is still good in us, good in others, and that no matter how snarled or tiresome our circumstances may feel, kindness can change it for the better.

Do one thing today that is kind, for no other reason than to show kindness. Do it without seeking praise, or thanks or even if no one else ever knows, still do it. Give your kindness away freely, generously, without hesitation and even if it hurts. Be kind. Do it for someone who annoys you, bothers you, do it even if they mock you. Be kind. Do it for a stranger, a colleague, do it even if no one ever knows. You will know, so be kind. The world will not change with giant leaps, it is small steps based in kindness that will start a revolution for the better. For that to happen, today be kind.

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