Something You Never Imagined

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Joseph Campbell

What’s the old saying, we make plans and God laughs? And yet we still make plans, which is not a bad thing. We figure out, we muse, we contemplate and we may even draw it all out. We figure things out and then work hard to make those tings happen. And just when we think we’ve cracked the code and figured it all out, life throws us a curve ball and our plans fade into the background. I love this quote as is reminds us that with all the planning we do, our vision of our life is small compared to the opportunities that await us if we are willing to give up our plan.

I had a plan, I knew where I wanted to be by twenty-five and thirty-five, and even forty-eight. I am proud and blessed to say that none of those plans came to fruition. Whew! I was saved from my small, little, safe world and introduced to the wide open expanses of a much more interesting and creative life. It meant giving up my ideas and being open to what life had in store. It meant twists and turns, obstacles, setbacks and many triumphs along the way. My ego and self confidence got bruised, and then over time they grew back better and more solid that what my simple plans had created.

When we stick to our plan we miss out on things that are outside that box. We keep our heads down working, planning, even plotting out every step along the way and walk right past the best thing we could ever imagine. Let me encourage you to plan well, plan often, and be willing to throw all that aside as something awesome is out there if we are just willing to deviate and lose a bit of our control. Plans bring us foundation and goals, learning and experiences. Plans can also prevent us from considering options as those options may not be part of the plan.

Be willing to let go, to step outside the plans into what is waiting for us. If we only get in life what we can imagine and plan for how boring would our lies be? Be open today to something new that you never imagined.

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