Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: From a Hospice Nurse

This word helped us understand more clearly that the end was near. My Dad was in Hospice for a month, and one morning a nurse told us he was transitioning. She did not give us a timeframe, she simply wanted us to know that things had changed and he would be leaving soon. He died that afternoon. Ugh! What a message to have to deliver to a family in crisis. When my husband heard that word transitioning he pictured this image. He told me about it and we worked together to create this simple piece to express what he felt.

Transitioning is moving from dark to light, from one place to another. It means change, it means leaving behind the known to face the unknown. And most of all it means life will not be the same again.

Life is filled with transitions, moment when we change, our circumstances change, and we have to face the newness of it all. Puberty, moving to a new city or job, renovating the house, driving a new type of car, or even facing death. ALL of these things happen along our journey and some are dark and some are filled with light. The thing happening may or may not reveal it’s impact on our life right away, sometimes it takes a long time to truly realize what really happened to our world. And then sometimes it is an instant change. However it comes into or out of our world, transitions are all around us.

The transition in and of itself is neither good or bad, it is what we believe about it and how we react that determines how that transition changes us. Some are of our own making, some are the natural course of life, and other transitions hit us out of the blue as a new adventure begins. No matter how hard we try life changes, people change, things come and go, then come back again. To avoid having transitions means to avoid one of the greatest gifts life can give us. A life without change or transition is really not much of a life at all. The best things in life – and the worst – all come as part of a transition. It is our job to recognize things have changed, handle the situation about that change, and give ourselves the freedom to travel the gambit of emotions we will ride as that change takes place. We all do this differently. Some of us face it and keep going, others of us shrivel into a ball and hide under our favorite blanket…and the wise ones of us actually do both! It takes all sides of who we are to handle and navigate any transition. Giving our selves space, support, asking for help and being open to the change means riding the rollover coaster that is life.

So let me encourage you to face your transitions with courage and tears. Let the excitement of it all vibrate through and let the tears flow to let it all out. You are not crazy, or pathetic or even a horrible person if the good and the bad all come about as a result of a transition. That is how life works, that is what being an adult is all about. As humans we are flawed and those flaws make us more interesting, more relatable, and better people. Give yourself a break as you move from dark to light, transitions are part of this adventure so keep going! And keep that comfy blanket around…you may need it more than you care to admit.

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