Numbers Don’t Lie

Ink & Deli Paper on Sketch Paper

Our lives are filled with numbers. Our bank accounts, our address, our age, demographics, biological measurements and all the other things we measure in our world. No matter what we want our numbers to be, in reality they are what they are. Numbers don’t lie. They tell us the truth no matter how we want otherwise.

The thing to remember is that numbers measure things, they do not define us. Our age is really only a number, so is our weight. Our address designates where we live on a street, it does not define who we are or our self worth. Our bank account tells the story of how we earn and spend, while our biological measurements tell the doctors how well our body is performing. The numbers we live with help us measure and understand where we stand, they do not make us stand taller or smaller when compared to someone else…unless we let them.

Numbers are a tool that we need to use and control in order to build and support our mindsets. If we let them, they control our lives. In reality we need to control them in order keep everything in perspective. Use the numbers to help us be a better version of ourselves, not to tear down our self esteem or make us feel bad about our ourselves.

All in all, numbers do not lie. Very true. When we learn to read them, accept them and live a better life because of them THAT is when we are able to live and thrive with those numbers in our lives that just don’t lie.

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