Living Large and Dreaming Big

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Snoopy

Sometimes the best thing we can do is face who we are and where our limitations begin and end. Which means first we have to truly understand who we are, even if like Snoopy, we are a dog. These were some of my favorite cartoons growing up and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is always a tradition in our house. They contained characters that were just like people I knew, and looked or acted just like me. Even Snoopy with his endless enthusiasm and joy understood he was a dog, would always be a dog, and had very little opportunity for advancement outside of being a dog. Sigh!

So what does Snoopy do, I mean other than be a dog? He flies airplanes against the Red Baron. He ice skates, camps, canoes, run races and even donates his dog house. He does whatever he wants and does not let his “dog ness” stop him from having adventures. I think that is a pretty cool adventure and lesson to learn from a beagle.

Today I encourage you to face your own reality, then go do what you want anyway! Have adventures, fly planes, canoe, camp or even ice skate with the neighborhood kids. Never let your current reality prevent you from having the courage to do what you want. No one can hold you back unless you let them, and that goes for holding yourself back as well. Get out there, have fun, be adventurous and love every minute of it. Don’t let your reality prevent you from living large and dreaming big!

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