Only You Can Decide

Ink and Handmade Papers

We all have the closet or space in our home where we have shoved, hidden or ‘stored’ things. Sometimes too many of the same things, different things, or the things we just do not know what to do with. So they sit, pile up and eventually take over our spaces or our mental capacity. When we open that drawer or door we are reminded of all that stuff, all the things we loved and want to keep that have now begun to keep us.

Our stuff can keep us company, keep us warm in our memories and it can keep us hostage in our own indecision. Stuff in and of itself is not wrong, when it begins to overpower our lives and our ability to live THAT is when it becomes too much. I created this piece for my Mom years ago, as this is how she situates all the beautiful things in their home, it is just enough of too much! It works for them, at least for now.

One of the gifts that darn global pandemic gave us was a refreshed perspective on where we live AND it gave us time to trudge through all our stuff. One drawer at a time, one closet at a time, one room at a time…we all had time and had to muster the courage to rifle through our stuff and evaluate what to keep, what to donate, and what to give away. And we may still be processing through all that with a renewed sense of purpose now that things are getting back to a new normal.

We may prefer sparse spaces, we may thrive in clutter. We may be a collector of beautiful things and we may be somewhere still in process. What matters is that we embrace the stuff we have, let it serve us well, and if it is not serving us then let it go so someone else can enrich their world with it. Decisions, decisions, courage and dealing with our stuff. All in all it ends up that we control it, or it controls us. Or it can simply be just enough of too much…only you can decide.

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