And When it Does, it Will be REALLY Good!

Sharpie Marker or Toned Sketch Paper – Words: George Santayana

I spent two days this holiday weekend painting a room in our house. Which meant taking everything out, preparing the walls, edging then painting, then putting it all back. I ran out of paint and energy so tomorrow I have to get more paint and will finish the job. I have been wanting to paint that room for almost four years. There have been paint swatches hanging on the walls for so long that they faded. It fells really good to have the bulk of the work done.

Why such a long wait to paint a room? We had other things take precedence for our time and energy, so it was a very much wanted change just not wanted enough to get it done. Other things were more important. So I waited, got more paint swatches, then waited some more. Sacrifices were made and now that I can see the end result in sight the whole thing is that much more dear.

What are you sacrificing for? What project, thing, vacation, promotion or other item on your desire list has not gotten done, gotten here or gotten accomplished yet? Hold on, keep hoping, keep working, it will arrive. And when it does all those sacrifices will make the gain that much better. These words from George Santayana are so very true, nothing enhances the good as much as sacrifice. It may be hard, you may get discouraged or wonder if the good thing will ever get here, just keep believing. Keep working and putting things in order. It will arrive, and when it does it will be REALLY good!

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