Muster Your Hope

Ink on Sketch Paper – Words: Tagore

Hope, that ever existing emotional response that keeps us going. That flicker of light in our heart, mind or soul that prevents us from giving up. Hope, we can’t live without it, and yet living with it can feel like torture. Wanting something so bad to only be denied or thwarted time and time again. Hope, that eternal flame we so desperately want to believe until we give in to our practical side and let the flame go out.

Whether we like it or not, we cannot live without hope. It springs eternal, fuels our passions and ideas, brings life to that last vestige of what we want to work, and it prevents us from losing sight of our own inability to control everything. Hope makes us get up each day, keep trying, keep working and keeps us moving even when what we really want is a nap.

Hope is not a strategy. It is not THE plan, it it will not solve it all for us. Hope’s job is to fuel us enough to get us moving forward so we can do the work that needs to be done. Hope does not tell us what to do. Hope does not define what will happen in the next ten days, ten months, or ten years. Hope is our reminder that nothing…NOTHING…is as bad as we think it feels because there is always hope. ALWAYS!

So today, muster your hope and keep going. Do the work of today, rest, then tackle tomorrow when you get up tomorrow. Let hope be your inner fire and what keeps you going when logic tells you otherwise. Anyone who has hope is still in the game…so today, muster your hope!

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