Accept…And Keep Going

We work so hard to keep all the plates in our life spinning that we often forget that eventually everyone has a plate drop, crash and shatter. In terms of gardens it means weeds. Every garden has them and whether we like it or not they will come back.

I can attest to that. My garden areas are overrun with weeds. It bothers me yet I know I will get them out, and unfortunately they will come back. It’s the cycle of nature, so I can get frustrated and drive myself crazy trying to stay ahead of the game. Or I can accept it, do what I can, then keep moving forward.

Today I choose to walk by them pretending not to notice, do all the other things I need to do, and let this task fall to another day. Sometimes we just have to accept, give ourselves a break and keep going. today is that day for me, what about you?

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