Hooray For That Next Generation!

Ink on Gel Printed Paper – Words: Rabindranath Tagore

Our great niece is visiting, she is sixteen months old. Walking, talking a bit and likes to pet our ‘Dats’…which is baby for Cats. Suddenly the energy in the house and all of it’s residents has changed. We are lively, silly, childish and laughing all the time. Anything we give her is a toy and what were regular household objects become games. The Laundry basket, a plastic coffee mug, a blanket or a pig pillow all take on new meaning.

As she was visiting I read this quote and knew I had to letter it. Children bring such hope and joy, and the message that God is not yet discouraged of men. Isn’t that a fabulous thing to remember as we hear such awful things on the news, bicker amongst ourselves about rights and who is right, and struggle to make our way in the world? Children and babies especially remind us that long ago we were all that helpless, that trusting, that pure. We all learned what we know now – fear, prejudice, pain, anger, or want. And we learned laughter, fun, silliness, joy and unbridled enthusiasm. It is not until we are older that we lean towards one or the other of these things.

So as our niece sleeps, we all relax and rest. We celebrate her presence in our lives and the joyful silliness we all exude in our interactions with her. I give thanks for the reminder that hope is endless, that children are our future, and that we can be whoever we want each and every day. If we all choose to be a bit more childlike – curious, silly, content, and hungry – what a world this would be. And I give thanks that God hasn’t given up on us, He still brings us bundles of joy in the next generation. Hooray…now all the adults are ready to go to bed…and it’s only 7:30pm!

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