Turning it Into Glory

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: William Barclay

Hard times, we all have them. Sometimes they happen all at once, sometimes they happen one at a time, and then sometimes they jump up and surprise us when we are least expecting it. No one’s life goes without hard things happening. So how do we react and handle these hard times? How we choose to react and learn makes all the difference in how these hard times impact who we are and who we become.

I worked with someone who was complaining in the break room. They were filing for bankruptcy and were sharing how annoyed they were at the process. I sat and listened and soon realized this was not their first time filing for bankruptcy AND that they thought it would not be their last. I asked if I could ask them a question, they said sure. I asked what did they not learn after their first filing to prevent it from happening again? They shared woes and tales about poor pitiful circumstances and how credit card companies are so unforgiving. They talked about vacations and travel costs, taking their five kids to dinner out and always needing up to date clothes for the office. None of it showed any learning or desire to change and learn. It was obvious they did not get it, at all. So I finished my lunch and went back to work. I ended up hearing these stories five or six more times.

Another day I sat in the break room and someone else shared their savings plan so they could buy a new home. They had been saving for ten years and finally had enough money to make the down payment. They had brought their lunch to work for ten years, no vacations, no new clothes, no extravagances and were thrilled to show me pictures of their new home…while eating a bologna sandwich. They got it! And they endured by keeping their eyes on the goal and staying true to their plan. What one thought was horrible the other saw as a triumph. Taking the hard times and turning them into glory.

I enjoy watching people learn and grow into who they want to become. It is inspiring and a spectacular way to remind us that hard times have the power to break us only if we let them. So today whatever it is you are enduring, learn from it and turn it into glory somewhere down the road.

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