Every Word is Worth It!

Mixed Media on Handmade Paper

For week thirty-four in our fifty week challenge, we were given the prompt reading. Anything to do with the wonderful world of books or reading. No other parameters. I had a hard time landing on just one quote, so I decided to great a collage of all the things about reading that I love. I utilized bible pages, dictionary snippets, Braille, paper scraps, newspaper, wooden letters, see through tape and every type of pen or marker in my studio. Everyone from Arthur Conan Doyle to Fredrick Douglas are included. It was a fun afternoon’s work and I think it turned out pretty well. It may need something else – believe it or not – just not sure what that would be.

Reading is a gift that keeps on giving. Like the quote in the middle says, reading is a discount ticket to everywhere! When you can read you can do anything, go anywhere, be anyone and do all of that before lunchtime. Those who read are those who lead. Expanding our minds and our thought processes through the written word has the power to change us, mold us, inspire us to be more than we ever imagined. We can see and hear things through words that take us beyond our circumstances and encourage us to be the person we always wanted to be.

I’m not sure there is enough space in this blog for what reading gives us, so let me encourage you to go read a book. Imagine, dream, learn, grow, engage your mind and soul beyond your current circumstances AND share that gift with others. Give books, make books, buys books, share books. What has changed you has the paper to change others…so go read a good book, then tell someone about it. Give yourself and others the lifelong gift of reading. Every word is worth it!

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