We All Choose the Way We Want to Live

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Ellie Wiesel

What is the meaning of life? It is that age old question which has plagued the human race for centuries. We struggle and strive every day to make our lives mean something, to do something valuable with our time and abilities, and to leave a legacy once we are gone. The wisest people understand that what brings meaning to one life may not be the same for every life. Finding the answer to this age old question is a very personal journey, one in which we must engage and not choose to do things passively.

Finding out for ourselves what brings us joy, meaning, fulfills our life’s purpose and enriches our soul takes time. It takes energy. It takes a willingness to reflect, correct, and engage more and more with each lesson we learn. Lessons about ourselves, about what we are good at, what we are willing to give and how we receive. All of these things work together to make us who we are…which in turn completes the story of the meaning of our life.

I cannot tell you what the meaning of your life is, I can however tell you what it is not. Your life is not about stuff, about what other people think, about how many likes or views you get on social media, and it is most certainly not how big your bank account is once you pass away. Your life has meaning when you do your best in serving your fellow humans, even when that is not an easy service to provide. No one said finding meaning would be easy. In most cases it is a very arduous, messy, toilsome road. Only a few choose to live a meaningful life, the rest choose the well worn path that everyone follows.

What is the meaning of your life? How do you know? You may or may not know the answer, the good news is you can think and work to answer that question for yourself. The goal is to not live a passive, indifferent existence. We all choose which way we want to live everyday, so choose wisely.

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