So Write it Down!

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Frank Grillparzer

I was driving and had a great idea the other day. By the time I got home I had forgotten it…rats! It came back to me later that week, and it was still a good idea. We all have that happen, something strikes us at a random time and we think it is good enough to pursue. If we are not careful enough to write down that idea, it simply becomes a thought we never were able to realize.

I have a book where I write down ideas that come to me. I started doing that decades ago and it really helps me clear my mind. When write down our thoughts and ideas are in a safe place, somewhere that allows us to retrieve them, remember them, even ponder their use, our mind is able to relax and move on to help us think bigger ideas. If we do not have a safe place for our ideas, our mind works hard to keep that idea and other ideas, which means it spends more time juggling ideas than making new ideas. So Write it Down.

Our minds retain information better when we write things down than where we type them out. A different section of our brain is engaged when we write, so write it down. It’s only a piece of paper, yet what an important and accessible tool we have at our disposal to help keep our ideas alive.

There is nothing more disappointing than to have an idea, think it through and get excited to only lose it in the jumble that is our day to day thoughts. Giving ourselves the gift of writing things down means we get to to open that book of ideas and receive a gift every time we are reminded of the power in our imagination. So write it down…go do it now!

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