If We Choose To DO It

Ink on Gel Printed Paper – Words: Dylan Thomas

I talk to lots of people who are looking to change their lives. They want to move forward being excited and enthusiastic about where they are going. This means they are usually looking for something different than what they are living today. Many are seeking rest…which as Dylan Thomas tells us in this quote…usually means they find boredom. Those who search for more meaningful work find rest.

I believe both of those statements are true. We usually seek the thing we think we want and end up with something completely different. Rest brings boredom, work brings rest. In my conversations with people I ask them what they want, what they REALLY want. When they dig deep they usually end up talking about more meaningful work where they are making a difference, which in essence brings them rest. Rest knowing they are contributing in a productive way, rest in knowing they are supporting the life they want, and rest when they put their head on the pillow as they know they have done good day’s work.

Rest, happiness, contentment and even satisfaction can be very elusive concepts. Getting what we think we want may actually take us down a path we were not expecting. Rest, nothing to do sounds relaxing. Doing it everyday of every week eventually leaves us bored and a bit deprived. Most of us what to do good work, no matter what they work may be. We want to contribute, we want to be productive, and we want to know that our time was invested in something worthwhile. Which means our concept of work may need to be adjusted. What we REALLY want is something to do that leaves us and the people around us better than we were, that may be called work or it may be service. Whatever it is, having something to do that brings meaning to life makes all the difference.

As we “work” we have the power to be the masters of our domain. We can choose what we do and how we do it. Think your job is boring? You’re tired of doing it? What if today you refresh your mental state and give thanks that you have a job, one you know well, AND think of ways to do it better. Share your well kept idea that could make something better. Serve the people around you more to make life better for everyone. AND take that phone call, engage during that meeting or conversation with more interest and passion. Bring your full self to that boring to do item and give enthusiastically not worrying about how it will show up in your paycheck. When we FULLY engage, give of ourselves, and pour on a sprinkle of new found passion, what was boring now has life and when we lay our head down at night we rest. That’s is what most of us want and have the power to do, if we choose to do it.

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