Give Yourself That Moment

Ink on Gel Printed Paper

Look around you. Really…take a moment and look at all the amazing things in your presence. Not one of those things – from your phone, your computer, your dwelling or even your kitchen stove – was accomplished without passion. Someone had to get excited about an idea and be willing to do lots of work, for all those amazing things in your life to become a reality. The text in today’s quote reads as follows:

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion

Sometimes we take for granted all the amazing things in our lives because they are just a normal part of our world. We have forgotten that we did not always have them. Our lives are better because people had the gumption to actually dare to believe that life could be better. That passion, that ability to see beyond the current state is where it all begins.

So my guess is somewhere in your world, your mind, your thoughts there is an idea waiting to be set free. Waiting for you to gather up the passion to actually do something about it. No matter how big or how small, it is worth it for you to put in the effort and get that ball rolling. It may not work, it may take a long time for that ball to move even an inch, or…it could take off like gang busters. No matter the outcome, no matter what happens, there has to be a moment when your idea and passion meet in such a way that something begins to happen.

Set aside your fear, your doubt, and your busy schedule long enough to give your idea or thought a chance. Everything has the power to change the world, your world, when you give it a boost of passion. It only takes one moment for things to get going so give yourself that moment of passion and watch what happens.

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