…and That’s What Really Counts

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: Mother Goose

For week thirty-two in our fifty week challenge, we were asked to feature words from Mother Goose. I had to refresh my memory on what her body of work included, and when I did all sorts of wonderful children’s rhymes came flowing back. I chose Humpty Dumpty as my text for two reasons. One, it has been REALLY hot here in Georgia and I thought about an egg frying on the pavement. Which led me to the second thought of what would happen when Humpty Dumpty fell of the wall…hence this image.

You just can never tell where ideas will take you. Come go well and others are flops. The key is to go with one idea and let it take you as far as it will go and then decide if it is worth it. I have an entire drawer of work I did not think was worth it, so they become scraps or things I rework at a future date.

Some ideas require more time than others to mature and grow. Sometimes our skills need to mature and grow in order to be ready to take an idea further. And still other ideas need to percolate and ferment to be worth even attempting.

Whatever your next great idea is, let it out. Give it life, let it grow and take you places you never imagined. Have fun and don’t worry if not everyone gets it, you do and that’s what really counts.

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