For Parents of College Students

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Anonymous

Today is a big day for my oldest great nephew, he heads to college. He is the first one to leave the nest and that’s a pretty big change. So they are packing things up, cleaning up his room, and getting ready for a big change for everyone. His Mom is dreading it all, excited, nervous and I’m sure a little bit anxious. Totally understandable.

The moment those babies are born they are leaving. They grow up, they learn, they spread their wings and fly well beyond what we ever thought possible. The parents stay home and learn how to live within the same walls without the children all there. Change is hard, it is exciting, it is nerve racking and even allows us to be anyone we want to be. Growing up means eventually leaving and college – for many – is the first long term distance for everyone involved.

I encourage parents to remember that this is a special time for their college students. It is their chance to find out who they want to be, become and to do all that without parental supervision. Being new is hard, being away is hard, learning who they want to be is the best and worst of their future adventures. Knowing they have a place to call home, a family that loves them and parents who will set them free – those are the best gifts we can give our children. So keep giving Mom and Dad, knowing that your kid will always be your kid no matter where they live.

Good luck and much adventure to those college students in our lives. Know you can do it, do your laundry, and call your Mothers…text yes, call more!

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