The Earth Will Still Revolve Around the Sun

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Denis Waitley

It’s Monday and I am back to an upright position, after a few days with COVID yucky-ness. Which means it feels a little bit like drinking water from a fire hose! It also happens to be trash day, a busy work day, and all the stuff that didn’t get done while I was sick fell into today. Whew! It’s enough to make you want to get back into bed…well, maybe not THAT bad!

I found this quote which reminded me that both time and our health are more valuable than we often remember. We do not think about them until they are depleted – great word! Depleted…that empty sigh we exhale when the list is longer than our time or energy have the power to complete. Depleted…that feeling when your mind has such excitement and your schedule, daylight, human strength or even mental capacity have nothing to give. Depleted…that moment when you want more than you can produce.

We all have those days, not just after being sick. Some days we just don’t have it, or what we do have is not enough for the to do list we want to accomplish. We can make ourselves feel bad about not being enough or we can accept and do what we can do, knowing that it all will eventually get done. One thing, everyday, just one thing. And those one things add up to the point where the list is empty and the tasks all got checked off. Sigh of relief and accomplishment, and satisfaction.

And what happens if it all doesn’t’ get done? Most people wouldn’t even notice…the person being haunted by that list is us. And wait, we created the list, so maybe if we give ourselves a break and lighten up the pressure will subside and we can work through it one thing at a time. Or we can delegate (what a thought!) and let someone else do it. When we get to heaven God does not check our to do list and send us back to finish it all. If God doesn’t care then lighten up!

So welcome to Monday! Take a deep breath, hold it….then let it go slowly. It will all work out. Really, it will! And if it doesn’t work out today, the earth will still revolve around the Sun and tomorrow is another chance to work it out.

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