Ya’ Do Whats Ya’ Gotts to Do!

I tested positive for COVID on the day this week’s prompt came out for our calligraphy challenge. Rats! Once I felt better I had to improvise. I have been quarantined in our bedroom, resting, getting better and keeping everyone else safe. This week’s prompt, week thirty -one, was to use a new or different tool we had sitting around, but had never written with before…so I thought of the COVID test “thingie” sitting on my bathroom counter. I dipped the end of it into a bottle of metallic ink and wrote the word quarantine over and over to create texture. I then used a Japanese MUJI gel pen, a gift for my birthday, to write the definition in small letters. Sometimes you have to go with what you can to get the job done.

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan, no kidding! We can get frustrated and wait until circumstances are what we want, which may mean we end up waiting a while and miss an opportunity to be challenged and grow. Or we can suck it up and deal with the cards we have been dealt, stretch our thoughts through actions and try something new. It is at these moments that we often surprise ourselves and others. Everyone gets dealt bad cards, incomplete details and even has life just push you off the road. Everyone gets that, and I do mean everyone. Some of us try to avoid it by waiting it out, others pretend it didn’t happen, then there are others who jump right back in and do what they can to make it work.

If we wait for life to be perfect and something we can control, then we end up not really having much of a life because we are spending too much time in fear. What we think, what we wanted, what we expected and what we got never totally match. Life is about making do with what you do have – like a COVID plastic test strip and a bottle of ink – and create something. I know that when I see this piece for years to come I will ALWAYS remember trying to figure out how to get the ink onto the plastic “thingie” to write normal letters, while doped up on NyQuil and orange juice. Some weeks ya’ just gotts to do whats ya’ gotts to do! This week was one of those weeks.

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