Keep Asking Those Questions

Ink on Gel Printed Paper – Words: Eugene O’Neill

We have cats, and our kitten is THE MOST curious cat I have ever met. She is fearless, will keep going back and chasing whatever it is down until her curiosity is satisfied. She did this in my office this afternoon, so this quote came to mind. Curiosity is one of her best and worst traits, which could be said for most of us when it comes to being knowing things.

You know what I mean, like when your four year old nephew won’t take just a one sentence answer, they keep asking, “Why?” In response to your responses. Annoying as all get out, and yet an amazing trait to posses. How fabulous it is to want to know and learn things. How incredible to be able to look up anything at any time and find the answer. How ultimately distracting it is when there is no end to looking or asking questions. And how it makes some people feel disrespected when they are asked questions that just need to stop and the answer accepted.

So does that mean that the opposite of curiosity is satisfaction? That once we know we no longer feel the need to know more, so we stop asking questions? Knowledge is power, which means the more knowledge you have the more power you have, unless all you do is tap into other people’s knowledge. Somewhere along the path between curiosity and satisfaction there needs to be a point of personal responsibility in HOW you find the answers and then ownership of those answers. Simply asking the question over and over again because you don’t like the answer is a problem. Asking other people because you are too lazy to go find the answer for yourself is another mind boggler. And then there is the ultimate annoyance which is asking everyone the same question until you get the answer you want to hear, and until you get THE answer you want you never stop asking. Ugh!

Curiosity is what helps us all know more, do things better and learn how to process things and become who we are today. Curiosity helps us grow and change. When being curious stops we have either died or become too satisfied with ourselves. This is when we need a cute kitten to pounce on our desk to find out why a post it note moves under a fan! Let me encourage you to keep asking questions, keep investigating, keep learning and NEVER give up….or turn off that fan and move the post it notes. Because curiosity is a lifelong skill, so keep asking those questions!

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  1. Ann, I can really relate.  We adopted 2 kittens and they are a hoot.  But they are into everything.  And one of them can hear a door open even when we really, really try to be quiet.  I am amazed by the agility.  And fastness.  My husband constructed a three sided, vertical scratching post and a climbing tree apartment?  He took boxes and glued them on top of each other and cut holes into them.  I painted scenes on the outside.  They like that, esp if there’s a toy inside – one of those flopping fish that you charge.  Think I’ll copy the saying and give it to my husband because trying to go in and out of the garage is frustrating to him with the cats vying for room in the open door.  


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