It Can Be a Tough Choice to Make

Ink on Pastel paper- Words: Kin Hubbard

We are all trying to find happiness. Happiness in our work, at home, in our relationships and in becoming who we were meant to be. “Throw money at it, that will make you happy?” Not true, so not true. I know fabulously wealthy people who are struggling with the same things everyone else is, they just look better doing it because they have more money. And I know poor people who are fabulously happy even though they are in constant want. Having or not having money does not make us more or less happy. I appreciated this quote as it reminds us that money is not an element of happiness; it has no power to impact our happiness in the long term.

Happiness is actually a choice, and a choice we must make every day. No matter our circumstances, the situation, how we feel or the outlook when we open our wallet, happiness is a choice. We must make a conscious choice each and every day to be happy, no matter what is happening in that day. And when chaos ensues or problems overwhelm everything in our path making a choice to be happy can be very tough.

Happiness is a choice we must make, if not for ourselves then for everyone else in our life. Sometimes they need to see us choosing to be happy in the midst of turmoil to understand that happiness is a choice. Now I’m not saying ignore, pretend or even glance over problems. I’m saying that in the midst of chaos we can choose to be happy, deep down, to help us process through all the bad stuff that is happening. Bad things will come and go, good things come and go, so to be happy we need to choose each and everyday a happiness mindset which then helps us process the good, the bad and the ugly we encounter each and every day.

Money won’t make us happy, power won’t do the job, the right clothes or the prefect job, a better boss or a new mate won’t make us happy. Happiness is a choice, so choose it even on those days when it is a tough choice to make.

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