Your Excellence Sparks Excellence in Others

Ink on Gel Printed Craft Paper – Words: Abraham Lincoln

What ever you are, be a good one. Wise words from honest Abe. In this world of look a-likes, repeats, influencers and fads that come and go and come back again, be yourself. That can be hard to do when at every turn we are encouraged to dress in the most up to date styles, decorate our homes in the current trends, move our careers in steady paths, and do our best to stand out as long as it doesn’t impact anyone else. Mixed messages abound while we are trying to figure out who we are, let alone how to do it well.

My friend Helene Lollis is celebrating twenty years of owning her business – Pathbuilders – a company focused on developing women in their careers through mentoring and professional development programs. She has seen trends come and go, has watched the business change, shrink, grow and deflate, survived a global pandemic and has come out on top. She is the best version of herself and still works to improve with every program she delivers. She knows what she knows and is a great version of herself!

How do people do that? Improve while changing, be themselves while everything around them wants them to fit into a mold? I think focusing back on Abraham Lincoln’s words – whatever you are – which means first finding that out who and what you are. What are you passionate about? What do you like to do? When you come home and it’s been a really good day, what made the day great? These things help us know who we are and then give us the bandwidth to become the best version of ourself. And then be a good one – do you well.

No one else is like you, no one. That makes you special and unique, something worth savoring and protecting. And the way to start that is by being your own best advocate, cheerleader, and friend. When we like and love ourselves we then have the power to do the same for others. Find out who you are and and then go be that best person. You will be amazed at how your excellent sparks excellence in others.

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