THAT is What Matters

Ink on Deli Paper – Words: Kofi Annan

To live is to choose...boy, ain’t that the truth! Everyday we have to choose over and over again how we react, what we say, how we feel on top of the multitude of daily choices about food, clothing, destinations, and to do items. On days when it feels hard to make a decision, choosing anything can be tough. And there are days we just don’t want to have to choose. We want to play it cool, safe, neutral, we simply want to be.

Kofi Annan reminds us that our choices are not random, they are determined by the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHY of our lives. Our decisions build on each other and impact every aspect of our world. One choice can change everything, one lack of decision may mean we miss out or ignore what could be very important. To know how to decide well we must first go back to the center, the crux of who we are and what we want to become. And of course that means we need to understand all those aspects of ourself…which means self reflection and awareness. Which takes time.

Time, knowing ourselves, making decisions based on who we are and what we want. Life would be so much easier if we could pick and choose features like searching for an apartment. Get a list of what’s available, check them out and then choose, live there for a while and if it’s not the place for you, move. But life isn’t like finding an apartment, it isn’t that straight forward. There are no lists to check and pick from, there are not limited options, and the features are endless. Life is messy, complicated, overwhelming and at times exhausting. Taking the time to know and secure what it is that is important to you is the only way to have the decision making process go more smoothly.

So who are you? What do you stand for? Where do you want to go? And why do you want to get there? All REALLY great questions, and questions that impact every day of our lives. Give yourself the gift of time. Settle in, get quiet, and figure out who you are now and who you want to be moving forward. Know what is important to you AND what decisions you are willing to make to be that person. Your choices may not always be popular, politically correct, or even understood but who cares? As long as you can live with your choices and where they are leading you in your life, THAT is what matters.

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