Go Ahead and Open Those Doors

Inks on Brown Craft Paper – Words: Emily Dickinson

There are people we all know who only see the good in things, they are able to somehow find the bright side of any situation. There are the people we all know who would complain about a change in their tax bracket if they won the lottery. And then there are the rest of us, who are some portion of both sides depending upon the situation. I like how Emily Dickinson reminds us that not knowing isn’t really a problem if we open every door. Hope is a powerful thing, which means it can cut both ways. Hope will bring light to the darkness when it arrives and darkness to the light when it falls flat.

I know several people who are job hunting, which anyone who has done it knows is an arduous process. I’m coaching several people through that journey and opening every door can be exhausting. Trying not to pre-judge or predict the outcome while staying true to yourself and what you want, THAT is a task that requires positive energy and hope everyday. Continually opening doors that lead to no clear path gets discouraging and yet the only way to know what is behind a door is to open it. The best way to keep that going is hope. By daring to believe that life will be better on the other side, even when it turns out it’s not…ugh! Which means keep grabbing those door knobs and keep opening those doors!!!

No matter how mundane or routine our life has become, we NEVER know what will be behind that next door. We can choose to give up, or we can stand tall to be ready to open yet another door. To get where we are today we had to open and walk through lots and lots of doors, not knowing how it would all turn out. Yet here we are being adults, living our lives, moving and shaking beyond what we thought was possible. Our lives are only where they are today because of the doors we dared to open earlier. Which encourages us to keep opening doors today, tomorrow and well into next week. We NEVER know what that door will bring, so keep trying, keep doing, keep your hopes alive…go ahead and open those doors!

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