Use Your Time and Your Light Wisely

Ink on Craft Paper – Words: Edith Wharton

There are people in our lives we are drawn to, love to talk with, and always know we will be better than we were after having spent time in their presence. These are the people who bring love, joy and energy to our lives because they bring light! I enjoyed this quote because we have a choice each day of how we are going to present ourselves and behave in our interactions. We can be the candle or we can be the mirror, either way we spread light.

We also know the people in our lives that leave us feeling a little less when we interact with them. They somehow manage to make us feel confused, ambivalent or maybe even drained. They are not bringing light they are taking it, instead of adding they remove. If we have known them long enough we know what will happen when we spend time with them, so we prepare and bolster our emotions, gird our loins so we are not dry at the end of our time together. We love them and yet know being in their presence will not lift us up, it may leave us flat. These people need our light which means we have to be doubly prepared when giving them our time.

Life teaches us which people are which, and our relationships with others help us understand in which category we fall. People do not always have the guts to tell us the truth about ourselves because we may not be open to hear it, and yet if we pay attention we know which way things go. Being honest with ourselves and others sheds light onto the things we can improve and grow so we have more to give, or it reminds us that light is a precious gift AND where do we want to let that light shine? Knowing how your light is received helps us know where to invest our most precious asset which is our time. Spend it, invest it or waste it…we only get three choices. So remember to use your time and your light wisely.

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